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September 13, 2008

This is WORK!

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O.K., so I have been working on making my blog page better, adding more content. I uploaded a bunch of my photos to flickr dot com and put two on the page. Follow the link to see more photos of the desert rally I participated in last April. I also tried adding Tim Lauer’s blog RSS, but it was not working. For those who don’t  know, Tim is the principal of an elementary school in Oregon and a proponent of Web 2.0 and blogging in particular. So I went with plan B and added Will Richardson’s instead, which is full of interesting, intellectual, engaging content. Who knew?

Today I spent at least an hour and a half figuring out Bloglines; how to compile a blogline aggregate, and how to create a publication URL or RSS that would allow me to post the link from my blog. Finally, I managed to do so, but it wasn’t easy and effortless. I suspect that people who are not into technology (like my wife <– sorry honey!) would have given up in frustration long before doing something similar. The end result is My Bloglines Blogroll in the Blogroll List.

I also spent about 40 minutes earlier in the day cruising on aggregating edu-tech links and articles which are also posted on my blog (see My Web 2.0 Links in the sidebar). It looks like a very interesting site. I have heard of it before, but have never used it. I guess I am lucky – as a technlogy teacher I get a chance to play with a lot of sites and technology. In fact, we have been focusing on Web 2.0 since last February and as a result I used my Blackboard classroom to set up a class blog for my Web Design and Management students to blog about their ideas on web design. I am in the process of setting up three class wikis for my three Tech 7/8 classes. They will be creating an coding wiki for HTML and CSS. It will be interesting to see how the use this. I plan to really develop this next semester with my Web Design and Mangement class.

Tonight I spent more time trying to get things working right on the sidebar. I think I have managed it. All told, so far I estimate I am about 4 hours into blogging over two days. This is indeed more work than I thought it would be, although it is rewarding.

Stay tunes for more adventures in Web 2.0!



  1. Hi Bruce,

    I had to smile at your reference to this blog being like work–it is a lot like work but still fun and rewarding. The idea of ‘getting it right’ in terms of how it looks and the various features that are included on a blog can be frustrating. Your comment about some people perhaps giving up in frustration is a good one for us all to keep in mind, especially when you consider using some of these tools with kids (although probably a lot of kids figure out these things faster than we do!).


    Comment by Joanne de Groot — September 15, 2008 @ 7:58 pm | Reply

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Although it’s been work, it’s fun, too, isn’t it playing around with the blog. I’m glad there’s someone else using wordpress so if I’m in a jam, I can call on you!

    I thought it was cool that those were your pictures on your flickr link. On my flickr link, they’re just random pictures from the site.

    I didn’t think setting up bloglines too difficult but do you find that it’s difficult to know whether you’ve set it up properly – all the best settings?


    Comment by Jo-Anne — September 16, 2008 @ 12:13 am | Reply

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